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Jan. 4th, 2011


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My tumblr ^^

If you have one, drop a line in the comments~

Oct. 26th, 2010


Make-up tutorial

A make-up tutorial: neutral eyes with a modern red lip.

As promised, here's a make-up tutorial for you all. I tried to cover all the basic stuff needed for a good make-up, that I've learned. I'm not a professional make-up artist, nor have I taken any classes, all that I know I've learned from trial and error. Youtube videos are also quite helpful ;P
Sorry that some photos are a little off focus, still trying to get the hang of my new camera.

Onto the tutorial~Collapse )

Post a question if there's anything that you didn't understand or just any make-up related questions ^^
This took a lot longer than I expected ^^;

Baibai <3

Oct. 25th, 2010



Sorry for disappearing AGAIN =__=; But I have a legitimate excuse this time! I moved and I don't have a computer T__T
I've been trying to save up for a laptop, but that's not going very well because I really don't have any money to save.

But anyways it's Autumn holidays and I'm back in Valga.
I got a new phone, it's a touchscreen one 8D And the best part is that it came with a USB cable, so now I can take a lot of pictures and be able to upload them ^^

30.-31. October (this weekend) are THE DAYS OF SOUTH KOREA in Saku Suurhall in Estonia! So awesome. No K-pop though :( Just one step at a time I guess.
The official webpage  says:
Best Korean dance groups, costumes by Korean expert tailors from Seoul.
Spiritual values of Korea.
National Korean FREE food for everybody!
The whole thing is completely free, however it's in Tallinn, so it's still going to cost me to go there :( And I'm not sure if I'll find a place to stay overnight.

I have a lot of free time right now, so I thought I'll do some make-up tutorials ^^ I didn't bring all of my make-up with me, but it'll do. You can send me some pictures of what you'd like to see or I'll just start from the basics.

Baibai! <3

Sep. 23rd, 2010


Please vote for me, I really need free contact lenses :P

Click me!

Just click "like" to vote.

Jul. 31st, 2010


Soo.. I should update or something :P

Only one month left of summer vacation. What have I been doing for two months? Watching doramas and movies :D And of course following k-pop. That's like a full-time job.
Anyways, I want to recommend a brilliant jdrama to you all~  BLOODY MONDAY  

So here's the plot -
After a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a Russian town; Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit, code name THIRD-i, believes that the terrorist organization responsible plans to unleash the same virus known as Bloody X into Tokyo. Subsequently, THIRD-i recruits the help of genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru to find out what happened in the Russia. However, as Fujimaru becomes involved, he soon finds out that he is in over his head and that the terrorist groups influence reaches not only his school but even the police. Fujimaru must now rely on his skill as a hacker to unravel the organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind "Bloody Monday." It's the most awesome drama I've ever seen, and that's something because it has zero romance.

My friend actually recommended this to me, she had been spazzing over it for days and bugging me to watch it, so finally I decided to give it a try. Here's my first message that I sent to my friend while watching it :D "OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MIURA HARUMA IS PLAYING THE LEAD?! Oh and look - it's the actress from Doushite MV" And after some episodes I couldn't help myself and sent her another one - "ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?! NARIMIYA HIROKI PLAYS J?! The only person missing right now is Nishikido Ryo, but then again my mind can't handle so much hotness in one scene :P" So yeah, it was fun :D

Drool-worthy actors aside, the plot is really interesting and intense. I got addicted right away ^^

You can watch it here.

Right now I am watching an anime called "Kaichou wa maid-sama". Lol the main character resembles me so much it's scary xD

For the ending, here's a qt Haruma gif :P

Apr. 26th, 2010


Just a quick fun poll:
If I were to die today, what would you remember me by?

Not that I want to die or anything, just something we did in psychology class, and I thought it would be nice to hear your answers ^^ 

Apr. 24th, 2010

evolution of my hair


Evolution of my hair.

From about 2003 to 2010. I've always cut and coloured my hair myself. 
I SHOULD be doing my essay on Villem Reiman, but I thought this would be fun :D

warning: picture heavyCollapse )
So what do you think? What suits me best - short hair or long hair, light or dark, short bangs or long bangs or no bangs at all?
Seeing all these pictures brought back so many old memories. This is why people keep photo albums :P
Hope you enjoy! 

Apr. 18th, 2010

Hi bbs.

 Long time no writey :P

School is going to end soon. Which is awesome. Only now I need to get my missing grades in religion studies. There are two tests that I haven't done at all, and they were both done in the first term, but I kept procrastinating again (as usual) and now there's barely any time left. But I'll figure it out somehow :P 

Annaliisa (from my school)is graduating this year and she really wants me to perform on that day. I was thinking about singing Ayaka's "I Believe" with Estonian lyrics. Maybe if I ahve enough time to learn it, I'll play the piano myself ^^ She also wants me to dance, but this time it might just be me and Elli dancing. If she even wants to, I haven't asked her yet. The graduation day will be around 20-23rd of June, so I think we have enough time (not like last time), but now I need to figure out what to dance. Any suggestions? 
I was thinking about dancing to Ke$ha's "TiK ToK", I don't like Ke$ha very much, but TiK ToK has an awesome and easy-to-dance-to beat. If I choose this song, then I need to also think up a choreography for it. I have a little growing image in my head of what's it's going to be like. But I haven't fully decided on this song.

I have three almost recent pictures from you that I managed to get from Elli's camera. One from my birthday and two from a random history lesson. 
Oh and btw I cut my hair. I had split ends again ;__; I don't have pictures of it yet, but think of Yoobin's current hairstyle, only mine is a little shorter than her's.

to tha picturez!Collapse )

Mar. 23rd, 2010

run devil devil run run

I had a rehearsal for a play yesterday and after that we went to Indrek's place to hang out (read: to drink), since we have no school this week. It's a whole different feeling being drunk legally :D
Anyway, a funny thing happened there. After about an hour or so spamming others with kpop music (teehee:P), Indrek asked if we wanted to hear a REALLY good song. We were like okay then, expecting to hear some trance or jumpstyle or whatever. And as soon as the first notes were heard, I started spazzing out of my mind - the song was DBSK's "Doushite"!!!! Turns out that Indrek is a huge fan of our rising gods from the east :DDDD
And also, later that night I played SHINee's "Amigo" and Britta was like "Hey, I love this song, it's on my phone too"
Kpop is global :D

Oh and Toomas (another boy from my class) has a crush on Sulli now xD;;

Since a haven't been able to take any pictures of myself, have a picture of Andre Mikk instead (my sister's son).

After School's teaser for "Bang!" is amazing! asdfk I can't wait for the full song to be released.

Mar. 21st, 2010

an update that should have come ages ago

Sorry for being absent for such a long time again -__-;;
Johanna has been nudging me to update, and since I've got nothing better to do at the moment, I thought I should finally do it.
I have a feeling this is going to be a long post, but please bare with me. This isn't going to be a kpop ramble, but just a post to let everyone know what's been going on with my life ^^

So.. where to start? Well school's been going great ^^ 3 terms are over, just one to go. All my grades are excellent, and thanks to that, I get to go on summer holidays two weeks earlier than others :D
I'm the vice-president of ÕE. I have no idea how to say it in English, but it's a kind of student union that represents all students and does all kinds of.. stuff.       yeah. :D

I had to dance again for a school occasion. This time we only had three days to choose a dance and learn it T__T But we somehow did it. We danced Hot Issue :D It was the easiest to learn.
And I'm also signed up for a singing competition. It's on 31st March, so let's see how that goes.

My birthday was on Thursday and I'm now 18! :D Which means I can now legally buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes in Estonia :DD I went to buy cigarettes right at the next day, but the saleswoman didn't even ask for my ID. Do I really look that old? :D

I had to go to a regular check-up at school, where they measure you and you have to answer some questions and stuff. Turned out that my height is 178cm and I weigh 72kg. Which is completely normal ^^ I weighed 80kg in September. Don't know how I lost all that weight ^^;; My mum's been nagging "WHY WON'T YOU EAT ANYTHING?? YOU LOOK SO SKINNY!!" Just because I don't devour every food that I see, doesn't mean that I don't eat -__-;; Oh, did I mention that my mum and sister are overweight? :D

I have to end right here, because my dog wants to go out. Might come back later, if I remember something that you should know.
I'll TRY to get some pictures soon. I haven't camwhored in so long that I need it :D

Baibai <3

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