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Hi bbs.

 Long time no writey :P

School is going to end soon. Which is awesome. Only now I need to get my missing grades in religion studies. There are two tests that I haven't done at all, and they were both done in the first term, but I kept procrastinating again (as usual) and now there's barely any time left. But I'll figure it out somehow :P 

Annaliisa (from my school)is graduating this year and she really wants me to perform on that day. I was thinking about singing Ayaka's "I Believe" with Estonian lyrics. Maybe if I ahve enough time to learn it, I'll play the piano myself ^^ She also wants me to dance, but this time it might just be me and Elli dancing. If she even wants to, I haven't asked her yet. The graduation day will be around 20-23rd of June, so I think we have enough time (not like last time), but now I need to figure out what to dance. Any suggestions? 
I was thinking about dancing to Ke$ha's "TiK ToK", I don't like Ke$ha very much, but TiK ToK has an awesome and easy-to-dance-to beat. If I choose this song, then I need to also think up a choreography for it. I have a little growing image in my head of what's it's going to be like. But I haven't fully decided on this song.

I have three almost recent pictures from you that I managed to get from Elli's camera. One from my birthday and two from a random history lesson. 
Oh and btw I cut my hair. I had split ends again ;__; I don't have pictures of it yet, but think of Yoobin's current hairstyle, only mine is a little shorter than her's.

I am doing something very important at the moment. I'll fill you guys in laters. Let's just say that there's a chance that my life will get a little bit easier soon.


Lol that's what I was thinking, but I don't think the teachers care that much. Our teachers are awesome :D
Another option is to just copy a kpop song again. But I can't decide which one would be the coolest. I'm actually really liking Secret's "Magic" dance, but the song is kind of bleh. I'm also thinking about After School's "BANG" or "DIVA", SNSD's "Run Devil Run" or maybe something from 2NE1.
Help meeee >_<;;
Badly coloured, dry and splitting? :D
u look cuuuuute.
Look who's talking ♥