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evolution of my hair


Evolution of my hair.

From about 2003 to 2010. I've always cut and coloured my hair myself. 
I SHOULD be doing my essay on Villem Reiman, but I thought this would be fun :D

The oldest picture of me I could find.

This picture I found completely accidentally as I was browsing through my sister's old birthday pics. I came across this picture and thought "Who is this girl? I've never seen her." It took me QUITE some time to figure out that it was me :D I've changed so much =__=;

From the time I was really into visual kei.

Then I tried blonde.

Then I cut my bangs.

Then months went by, my bangs grew out and I coloured my hair dark again.

More time went by, my haircoloured washed out and I couldn't resist the urge to cut my bangs short again any longer.

I coloured my hair again....

It washed out again....

And BAM! My hair is short.

And coloured (I really seem to like this purple colour :P)

And some more minor changes.

And my most recent pics. My hair has now changed again, but I can't take a picture atm.

So what do you think? What suits me best - short hair or long hair, light or dark, short bangs or long bangs or no bangs at all?
Seeing all these pictures brought back so many old memories. This is why people keep photo albums :P
Hope you enjoy! 


You have an incredibly beautiful face. *_*

So I think what best does justice to that is you as a brunette, definitely.k brwon suits you the best because it's the perfect counter color to your ye color. :) And the cut in the third last picture brings out your face the best. You have such pretty features that a long hair might fade them too much.:)

My mom is a hairdresser so all my life I've been surrounded by hair talk. :D
Wow, thank you so much! ♥♥♥


Oh, Ai-chan.. You are so beautiful! I miss you soo much! .__. I really loved your visual kei look, of course that may just be because that's when I first met you..I think you look adorable with bangs, and I love your hair purple. But, no matter what you do with your locks, you'll always be gorgeous to me. <3
this one was totally the best http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd253/SillyFreakyDoll/jjang058.jpg
I really liked it /and I'm going to do something like that too, lol/, and I clearly can see that it was time you're liking k-pop so much) somehow it's really k-popish)))
Actually my hair right now is pretty much the same, only longer and darker. I love this hairstyle too and yes it was inspired by korean fashion :D
btw, how do you manage to do waves like that?
ah. and it's pain to go to the different post, so I will write here - I read you makeup tutorial and found out that you do almost all stuff like do I) I even use the same Avon eyeshadow palette color)
So - BRO!
AWESOME! *hugs back*

About the curls part I'm actually not sure :D it MIGHT be natural, you see I used to have wavy hair but now it's naturally straight. lol weird, maybe I'm just becoming more asian xD OR the waves are done with a hair straightener - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEhCGJA_B3w It's my favourite way ^^
Oh, I do know that method) Guess now I don't have any other choice that actually buy hair straightener) tnx)