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Soo.. I should update or something :P

Only one month left of summer vacation. What have I been doing for two months? Watching doramas and movies :D And of course following k-pop. That's like a full-time job.
Anyways, I want to recommend a brilliant jdrama to you all~  BLOODY MONDAY  

So here's the plot -
After a biological terrorist attack kills off the population of a Russian town; Japan's Public Safety Special Third unit, code name THIRD-i, believes that the terrorist organization responsible plans to unleash the same virus known as Bloody X into Tokyo. Subsequently, THIRD-i recruits the help of genius hacker Takagi Fujimaru to find out what happened in the Russia. However, as Fujimaru becomes involved, he soon finds out that he is in over his head and that the terrorist groups influence reaches not only his school but even the police. Fujimaru must now rely on his skill as a hacker to unravel the organizations sinister plot and find out the truth behind "Bloody Monday." It's the most awesome drama I've ever seen, and that's something because it has zero romance.

My friend actually recommended this to me, she had been spazzing over it for days and bugging me to watch it, so finally I decided to give it a try. Here's my first message that I sent to my friend while watching it :D "OMG WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MIURA HARUMA IS PLAYING THE LEAD?! Oh and look - it's the actress from Doushite MV" And after some episodes I couldn't help myself and sent her another one - "ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?! NARIMIYA HIROKI PLAYS J?! The only person missing right now is Nishikido Ryo, but then again my mind can't handle so much hotness in one scene :P" So yeah, it was fun :D

Drool-worthy actors aside, the plot is really interesting and intense. I got addicted right away ^^

You can watch it here.

Right now I am watching an anime called "Kaichou wa maid-sama". Lol the main character resembles me so much it's scary xD

For the ending, here's a qt Haruma gif :P


HDU >:( Miura Haruma on jumalik :D

kuid samas tõesti, korealased on ilusamad :P
I think about watch it.. ;D
sounds very good