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Sorry for disappearing AGAIN =__=; But I have a legitimate excuse this time! I moved and I don't have a computer T__T
I've been trying to save up for a laptop, but that's not going very well because I really don't have any money to save.

But anyways it's Autumn holidays and I'm back in Valga.
I got a new phone, it's a touchscreen one 8D And the best part is that it came with a USB cable, so now I can take a lot of pictures and be able to upload them ^^

30.-31. October (this weekend) are THE DAYS OF SOUTH KOREA in Saku Suurhall in Estonia! So awesome. No K-pop though :( Just one step at a time I guess.
The official webpage  says:
Best Korean dance groups, costumes by Korean expert tailors from Seoul.
Spiritual values of Korea.
National Korean FREE food for everybody!
The whole thing is completely free, however it's in Tallinn, so it's still going to cost me to go there :( And I'm not sure if I'll find a place to stay overnight.

I have a lot of free time right now, so I thought I'll do some make-up tutorials ^^ I didn't bring all of my make-up with me, but it'll do. You can send me some pictures of what you'd like to see or I'll just start from the basics.

Baibai! <3


Mik peavad kõik asjad kokku langema nädalavahetusele kus mul aega ei ole ja kõik ned muud nädalavahetused kus vaba olen ei toimu mitte midagi.

Nii tahaks sellele üritusele minna, aga juba ennast ära lubanud sugulastele ja rahvatantsu esinemistele. *niuts*

Sina aga mine ja lõbutse! Ning kindlasti kirjtua mis seal toimus!
*on kade*
I'm so happy to have some news from you ~I miss u ♥
Yaaay and I'm seeing that you love miss A!!!! good things ~