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Jan. 21st, 2010

I just accidentally stumbled across a picture of ICONIQ today, and she really got me curious, only very few girls can pull off a bald head so great.
So she's a new singer. Of course I immediately went on YouTube to find her songs, and I found her PV for her debut single "Change Myself"
Right at first I noticed how freaking gorgeous she is, but then something felt really familiar?
About thirty seconds in, I realized - HOLY CRAP IT'S AHYOOMEE O_______O
I have no words to describe what I felt at that moment. My love for that girl is endless.
She was quite awkward and stupid and a bit too cutesy during her SUGAR days in Korea, and even during her Cutie Honey days. She and Jongmin made such a doofy couple. But beyond all those scripted TV-shows I saw a girl with a huge potential. She is feisty, strong and she has a great voice. She lacked the ability to show everyone what she could really do, and I felt really sorry for her. Then came SM and sent her to Japan where, besides some small acting jobs, she was completely forgotten.
Or at least that's what everyone thought. Looks like Ahyoomee, or ICONIQ now, is coming back to conquer. She even sang a duet with EXILE's Atsushi. She is the new face for Shiseido Maquillage and her first album will be released in March.
I don't care what anyone says, I love her. I can see what an amazing person she really is, and I'm happy that she isn't fading away in Japan.
Good luck~

Oh and the song is really good too. Go listen!

Jan. 20th, 2010


lol sorry for spamming so much tonight ^^;;

They should totally make antidepressants look like this :D
You wouldn't even need the chemicals, just open the packet and *BAM* life has colour again :DD

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm totally stalking EpiCute right now =^_^=

... and now i'm hungry .___.



Now I shall think of Kibum every time I hear this song (which is quite a lot actually). :D


Jan. 19th, 2010


I am soo tired.

I talked to my teacher and to my doctor and starting from tomorrow I am on a two-week break from school. Yay, now I can rest for a while ^^
I haven't missed school since the start of this schoolyear and I'm the best student in my class (probably the whole school actually;;) and now I'm just too tired and depressed to do anything, so I figured a little break would do me good. The weird part is that my three-week winter break just ended last week xD;;
SO YEAH, now I can be on computer more YAY :D (-read- stalk SHINee more) I'll try to be more active on my blog as well ^^

Also, something that I've wanted to say for a long time - I AM SO SORRY TO ALL MY FRIENDS, BECAUSE I SUCK AND CAN'T REMEMBER YOUR BIRTHDAYS! DD:
I just can't remember dates. They hate me. I can barely remember my own birthday T__T
I CAN remember half of SHINee's birthdays, Jonghoon's and Hongki's birthday (cause they're close to mine :D), Jaejoong's birthday, Tora's birthday, and various other K-pop birthdays AND YET I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MY FATHER'S BIRTHDAY D: That's just sad ;__;
I can remember my dongseng's birhtday (6th of April, right?) and bulkko's birthday (cause she was born on the same day as me :D that is cool.), I SOMEHOW managed to remember Johanna's birthday, but that doesn't really count because I don't remember it anymore T__T
AND THAT IS ALL. I suck TT_______TT
I need like a calendar right in front of my computer, where I could mark down everyone's birthdays, so that I wouldn't feel so bad all the time when I miss someone's birthday.

Yuki, I am SO SORRY that I forgot your birthday ;__; I even marked it down, but I still forgot D: I'll make it up to you somehow, k? Please don't be mad at me? :D

That is all.

Jan. 18th, 2010


Yes, I am one of those people who detest Twilight. How can that be possible, you ask? I am a teenage girl; I love vampires and everything that goes with them; I've had a crush on Robert Pattinson ever since he played Cedric Diggory; as a fan on K-pop, it is known that I am very influenced by pretty boys (especially the dancing kind :D, but that doesn't really matter); I am very open-minded towards popular culture; many of my friends are crazy about Twilight - all the odds say that I should like Twilight, but I have to admit that the Twilight saga is a complete waste of good trees.
I watched the first movie a few months after it came out. Everyone was so crazy about it, so I thought that I should watch it too. I didn't like the movie, like at all. It was just a huge mess. Then I thought that maybe it was all just the movie's fault, and read the book. That was even worse, because it wasted even more of my valuable time. I read fanfics every day that are better written. Like what the hell? VAMPIRES. DO. NOT. SPARKLE. Was there really NOTHING else she could come up with to explain the avoiding sun thing? (Yeah, that comes from a girl whose favourite band calls themselves "shining SHINee" >__> - stfu at least their skin doesn't sparkle in sunlight! >:( - Their pants do though...- I AM NOT LISTENING TO YOU!) Now where was I? Oh right, so then, when I was visiting Mariliis during winter break, she had New Moon on her computer. At one point I was so bored that I decided to watch it. About seven minutes in, I closed BS Player. I jsut couldn't waste an hour and half of my life on that, EVEN THOUGH, I had nothing better to do. It was a good thing actually, cause then I decided to take a look at her book shelves and discovered The House of Night novels, which I actually like ^^
Another weird thing that irks me about Twilight is that everyone is saying that Taylor Lautner is hotter that Robert. Say what? He looks like he has the down syndrome o__O;; No offence to anyone with a down syndrome..
So why did I suddenly post such a long rant about Twilight? Well I have a roommate now, and she's a huge fan of Twilight, so every time I open the desktop, I have to stare at this stupid Twilight wallpaper until firefox loads. So yeah, that's all.

I had to get a roommate because my sister can't pay for our apartment alone anymore. Her boyfriend doesn't have a job and my mother has debts of her own, so we were almost thrown out of this place. But then aunt Liljan asked if we could take her daughter, Eliis, in with us. So yeah now she pays some of the rent. Our families are good friends since forever and we get along great. She's 18 btw. And she brought a cat with her. Yay I have a cat now! :D She has a weird habit of sleeping in my closet (the cat, not Eliis lol), I guess she just likes to hang out in Narnia 8D

SHINee HELOO BABY IS TOMORROW ADJHSKAJFIUTYEIAl!!!! The airing time is at 12PM lol xD;; And I know why :D Because Mnet knows that I have classed tomorrow until 16.30 which in Korea is 23.30 and they made sure that I could watch it tomorrow lol 8DD I love you Mnet. 

Sorry I can't take any pictures with my extentions right now T__T Batteries are expencive.

I'll end this long post now. I am grateful for you if you cared enough to read it all.
Might come back later, because I'm bored.
Bai bai.

Dec. 23rd, 2009


Sorry for disappearing again, school has kept me busy ;__;

But lots of exciting things have happened! ^^

My sister finally had a baby! His birthday was on 1st December. He's so pretty~ and he's an exact copy of his father. He has reduced my sleep a lot though, but I don't mind :)

Our school had a Christmas Ball and I performed there~ Two times.
I sang ayaka's "Mikazuki"
Mariliis came to watch too. After the performance she said that she is sorry for ever saying that I couldn't sing : D
I was really nervous. The last time I sang in front of an audience was when I was 6 years old and at that time I got so nervous that I started hiccupping while singing ^^;
It was really weird. I thought that when you sing into a microphone, you would hear yourself singing from the speakers, but it was the opposite, so I wasn't sure at what I was doing since I couldn't hear myself ^^; But everything went well and I got major cheers from everybody.
Later my music teacher told me to come to her after the winter break so that she could use me again :D Maybe I can finally get real voice training ^^

We also danced to 4minute's "MUZIK"~ It was one of my dreams to perform a k-pop song at a school event, and it has been fulfilled ^^
Everything came really suddenly. It all started when I was at my classmate's birthday and we just randomly surfed the internet, and I showed the the MV and danced to it. Then my friend (who is the head of ÕOV) asked me if I could perform it at the school's Christmas ball, and I agreed immediately.
I collected and taught the girls myself. We had much fun. I changed a lot of the original moves though.
Also, two of the girls got sick, so we had to perform with just three.
I was really nervous again (when am I not?), the headmaster and my homeroom teacher were sitting right in front of me, so I tried to keep the chest popping and hip swirling as subtle as possible :D
My friend's mom recorded it on camera~ sorry for the bad quality and darkness, it was taken with a digital camera, not a real video camera :(
Watch til the end where I do a split~ Ignore my random shoe-tossing ^^; I couldn't do a split with high heels, so for some reason, instead of taking it off subtly, I decided to toss it across the room lol xD;;;

And I also finally got hair extensions~ I love them so much ^^ My mom finally agreed that I look good with long hair and let me buy them as a Christmas present ^^

I'm home alone in Valga, but my computer lags soo much TT_______TT

Oct. 20th, 2009

Procrastination with SHINee is the best kind.

Today was weird.
First classes were Estonian, and we have a boy in our class who really hates the teacher and tries everything to annoy her, sometimes during it annoying the rest of us aswell (he has some kind of mental retardation, I haven't figured out what exactly yet). this time he was sitting right behind me and while the rest of us were supposed to write an essay, he was stomping his feet and refusing to write anything. This got REALLY annoying and none of us could concentrate and many students tried to tell him to stop (and the teacher aswell ofcourse), but he kept saying that it relaxes him. I finally couldn't take it anymore, turned around and said to him in my angry voice (not shouting, just angry voice :D) "If it relaxes you, then go out of the class to do it, it's not letting the rest of us work." AND HE STARTED TO CRY. Oh my god I made a retarded kid cry D:

Then in Russian we had an oral test were we had to say the dates when someone was born and died (I got a five for it :DD). And the teacher asked me if I was from a Russian family because my pronunciation is so good xD;; Like whut. Russian is my worst subject. And then she asked me what my grades were in my previous school and other stuff, but the creepiest part was that I understood all of it :D;; I can't speak Russian, when did this happen??
Oh and now FIVE people have said that I speak Estonian with an accent. How is that even possible?? ;__;

And in English, during an exercise, the written part was "taken ... (surprised)" and we had to fill the gap with the suitable word. So the teacher goes: "Oh, this is a very hard one. Probably none of you will get it." Me: "taken aback?" Teacher: "... Yeah. How the hell did you know that?"

I have to write a play for tomorrow and memorize 118 countries. ... Oh well, back to watching SHINee 8D;

Oct. 18th, 2009

(no subject)

My sister and her boyfriend are now broken up. He already moved out today.
Don't know what's going to happen now.

Oct. 17th, 2009

Ring Ding Dong

Well hello, long time no see.
I'm so tired it's not even funny. I'm always running out of time. I get enough of sleep, yet it doesn't feel like it.
My depression is back and I can't get a hold of my psychiatrist. Yay me.

On the bright side, my sister is 8 months pregnant. The due-date was supposed to be 1st of December, however it turned out that the baby is 5 weeks older than normal, so noone knows when to expect it.
It's a boy btw. And we need name that starts with 'm'. Mikk is a relly pretty Estonian name, but in our family, there already is one, so my sister thought about naming him Mikken, but that's a little bit too Finnish :D;; So we need a name. I'm really tempted to name him Minho xD;;;;;
Also, my sister's boyfriend doesn't have a job and they're on the verge of break-up. We are financially screwed, and it doesn't seem to get better. If my sister breaks up with her boyfriend, then she'll move in with our mother in Valga to help her. If that happens, I won't have a place to live anymore. Oh wait, this was supposed to be the bright side. I guess not.

I don't even have time to paint anymore T__T

The only positive thing in my life right now is my fandom :D
YES, SHINee is back! Ring Ding Dong is the most ridiculous song ever with a MV to match, yet I can't stop loving it. The choreography is really cool again too. They've changed so much.
I have noone to spazz with T__T

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